R&P: Task 5 - Script & Foley/Sound Research

Friday, 3 February 2012

For the music for my film I have been asking local bands permission if I can use there music as the background music for my film title, as their lyrics and sound fit the image I want to create. Thought incase this is not possible, I am looking for alternative sounds on garage band and sound cloud that I can also can use. However this may prove difficult. 

Monday, 6 February 2012

After asking bands to use their music , a local band, has allowed me to use there music in my film title called "Weather the Storm" Wednesday the 8th of February i will have written permission and also a meeting with the vocalist Ben fathers to listen to the music to see what best fits my film title to achieve the effect i want to create. 

I am having a meeting with Ben Fathers one day this week to disgust his album and what tracks i can use for the film. I will then have written permission from him to use his work.

i had a meeting with Ben Fathers and few members of the band last night, and have discussing a day still, as they are now allowing me to use their new tracks from the EP or the choice of using there older songs. We are working together to find the best track to go with the film 


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