Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I have set up a link to show the band playing live at a gig, below 
weather the storm - tell me your ture
I have used ink and water to create a different background for my film and this follows all the ay through to create an eery feel and also the secretes that are held in the film . 

This is just one of the sheets of paper as I did a number so as the film changes there is slight movement to the background so it gives an impression of moving ink. 
I chose a song that fits with my film by Weather the storm called "tell me your true" but i will have to cut some of the song a change a few things so it fits with the film . the band have given permission for this and  are happy to let me change some of it. 

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

I went to the grave yard to check out the location to check it was ok to film and also had the look i was trying to create. I was happy at how it looked yet the weather was not how I wanted it. 

I feel that this scene will work well for my film as it has an eery feel to it and when the weather is gloomy it will have a mysterious edge. 

Friday, 9 March 2012

Weather for London, UK

10°C | °FFriSatSunMon
Partly SunnyFogMostly SunnyFog
Mostly Cloudy
Wind: SW at 13 mph
Humidity: 66%13°15°10°16°14°

I have to check the weather as i can not film on a sunny day as it would not set well with the feel i am trying to create for my film. saturday and monday would be good times for me to film as it is not sunny but overcast. 
I saw the film woman in black, and the opening title sequence is a similar way i would like mine to look, as they also achieve the eery feel to what people are watching feel. 
woman in black trailer

I have put the trailer in as i can not find the opening title sequence, but it has a background , that is a white smoky feel which i will create with black ink and water on paper then use photoshop to change it to transparent so i can lay text and film image behind. But they only show clips like the place of the wedding rings, I will try and do this by using clips of my film, e.g the girl standing over the grave then fade away to text and a new image. This will create a eery feel, also making the viewer think as the whole story has not been given away just aspects.