Evaluation Q6

What have you learnt about the technologies from the process of constructing this product?

This is we had to learn how to use the camera which wasn’t to hard as I had a little experience before and the tripod was pretty straight forward.                            
I used final cut express the most to put the film together. I also used Photoshop, but I had experience in this before as I take photography so that wasn’t a problem. 

I learnt to use blogger thought this wasn’t hard to get the hang of as it was simple to understand. I also used youtube a lot to look up films and I also used this to reach my friends music he let me use in my film as I didn’t have to collect the ep he had made for me, so I used youtube to download the track and put into my film trailer.  I didn’t use sound cloud but I didn’t look at it to see if there was any music before I had decide to use my friends, band.

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