Evaluation Q1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

The opening of my film starts with a black inky background with the titles appearing. The background keeps the same though the whole of the titles, even when the film is playing behind we see a faint inky background, which I made transparent. This keeps with the mysterious feel I want to create in my film. The font of the titles is written in a script and black to keep with the theme that I am trying to create. They are also bold compared to the background so people can see what they say, they also move about when the words change to different places on the screen to create movement, but they change smooth and slowly.

I haven’t seen this type of title in many films, but it is similar to some type of horror, dramas films like the “woman in black”.

This is a link to watch the woman in black trailer, because I cannot get a clip to show the opening titles, as the film has only just gone to the cinema.
From the opening titles you can tell what type of genre of film it is going to be. 

I chosen a gravy yard to film in as it was a good background for me to film in, as the story line begings there and also it makes people think what has happened, and help create the eery feel I wanted to make the audience feel. I had to be careful in what I was filming as you have to be sensitive out of respect for the dead and also there loved ones. This is why I used the disserted part of the gravy yard as so not to disturb anyone that was visiting or around.

Costume and props are always a big part of any film as they are there to show what the charters are like and also used as signs to the audience. I placed my character in a parker coat and tights, as the coat is dark and also showing she is hiding from someone/something. I used a toy gun also in my film, to show how the girl was feeling and what she was willing to do for , someone , we know this is for someone as  she is by the grave, yet I wanted to keep this a secret as it keeps the audience guessing.

The title I used “ink in the meat” as my font. This is because it fits with my film as it is a script that is like a tattoo style font. This is used all the way through the film to keep the theme going throughout.

The first clip of image we see a girl running, which leads us into the story that there is something wrong as she is running but is also in her own in a gravy yard. This happens in horror and action films to start the story line fast to get the attention of your audience, making them to keep watching. I have put a link below so the opening title of lock stock two smoking barrels as it also shows titles and film spate, but you also dot know the whole story as they start to run.

The film carry’s on in the same way throughout the titles as I wanted to keep with the same idea to show the emotion, and the fear the girl is dealing with.

Introducing my characters, we only meet one as its only showing the life of one girl, wanting to keep the story a mystery to the audience, as it is more interesting. But introducing the one character we don’t find to much information out , but we do know that she is running , and protecting herself, and also some type of revenge as we  find her by a grave.

I haven’t used any special effects as my film isn’t one in which it is normally used. I have though layered my title to have an inky background behind my film to tie it all together.  I did this by using ink and water then scanning in the paper as a background and changing the capacity to making it faint, allowing us to see the moving image behind. 

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